Authentic, handmade and delicious

Naaz Foods offers the unique flavours of Persia. With recipes originating in Rasht, a UNESCO listed ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’, our fine Persian food is handmade with love right here in Adelaide. Discover our delectable side dishes, perfect for sharing with family and friends.

Our Story

Persian chef Mali and her husband Omid are the hearts and hands behind Naaz Foods.

Harking from Rasht, a UNESCO listed ‘Creative City of Gastronomy’, Mali and Omid first began sharing the taste of their traditional Persian cooking in 2019 with the opening of their Adelaide-based restaurant, Naaz Persian Cuisine.

After receiving countless requests from their guests for take-home packs of their delicious side dishes, the next step in their culinary journey was clear.

Through Naaz Foods, Mali’s deliciously flavoursome side dishes are available for you to take home to devour and share with your family and friends. Her authentic Persian food is handmade from fresh, hand-picked produce right here in South Australia, using quality natural ingredients.

Serving Suggestions

Pickled Garden Vegetables

We pick our garden vegetables fresh before pickling them in a delicious, zesty vinegar. Tangy, with a slightly sour taste, our pickled garden vegetables are the perfect accompaniment to almost any dish, through every season. Try them on their own, as a healthy, crunchy snack straight from the jar. OR, paired with salmon, or with minced lamb or beef. OR, as a tasty accompaniment to rice.
OR, with warmed flatbread, served as an appetiser to whet your appetite. OR, in your sandwiches or salads to add a bit of extra zing.

Pickled Garlic

Pickled garlic has played an important role in traditional Persian food throughout the ages. Not only does it add delicious depth and flavour to any dish it’s added to, but with its antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it can also help boost your immune system. Our pickled garlic can be used to add a kick of flavour to your salad dressings. OR, crushed and spread across crispbread or onto a slice of fresh bread to give your sandwich a delicious tangy taste. OR, a wonderful addition to a cheese or pickle plate. OR, crushed and sauteed with your favourite vegetable, meat, or rice dish to add extra flavour. OR, paired with any main meal as a side dish or condiment.

Pomegranate Olives

Our pomegranate olives take four delicious
flavours—pomegranate, olives, walnuts, and garlic—and combine them to create one of our restaurant’s most popular dishes. Bring a jar of pomegranate olives home with you and eat them straight from the jar. OR, serve them as a delicious entrée or appetiser, perhaps warmed together with some flatbread or as part of a share plate with some pickled garlic and vegetables. OR, use them as a delicious side dish with any main meal. OR, they pair extremely well with meat, fish, and poultry. OR, mix them through your favourite green leafy salad.


Naaz Persian saffron, with its beautiful golden hues and unmistakable scent, is a mouth-wateringly familiar flavour in Persian cuisine. The crown jewel of all spices, our high-quality saffron can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes to enrich their flavour and enhance their aroma and appearance. — To use your saffron, simply grind the delicate threads into a fine powder (adding a small amount of sugar to your pestle and mortar might make this easier) before steeping in 4-5 tablespoons of hot water for 10 minutes. The saffron will quickly release its colour, flavour, and aroma. Once you have your concentrated liquid, you can add it to your favourite rice dishes for extra flavour and aroma. OR, use it as a delicious marinade for white meats or vegetables. OR, allow it time to cool before pouring it over a high-quality vanilla bean ice cream.

Handmade traditional Persian Cuisine,
with a difference

We acknowledge and respect Australia’s First Nations people, their connection to Country, and their custodianship of this land. We’re grateful to live, work, and make our traditional food on traditional Kaurna land.